iTTi/Your Agora Partnership

Posted by Jake Kayser on Sep 23, 2020 8:36:15 PM

Wednesday September 23rd, 2020

International TEFL Training Institute (iTTi) and Your Agora are excited to announce a comprehensive digital education partnership agreement for partners and affiliates.

Your Agora now serves as the exclusive online education partner for iTTi’s worldwide affiliates in offering Teacher Training and English courses. By collaborating together, iTTi and Your Agora will join forces to offer the most cutting edge, dynamic, flexible experience for students, teachers, trainees, and administrators.  By leveraging continuous assessment, real time data, and the latest educational technology, affiliates will increase their enrollment, revenue, and distribution.

iTTi/Your Agora Partnership will launch in five parts:

  1. iTTi’s 120 hour online Teacher training course offered via Your Agora. Prospective teachers will enjoy online premium, curated online training as they begin their journey to become an English teacher.
  2. Alumni Learning Management System (LMS) will help iTTi graduates launch their online teaching businesses with full access to the exclusive iTTi library, unlimited students, free online teaching tips and newsletter.
  3. English as a Foreign Language (EFL) LMS will provide iTTi affiliates with English language courses, maximum curriculum flexibility, and mobile-friendly solutions for students.
  4. Applying facial recognition, blockchain certification, and digital badges to online products. Conduct assessments safely and securely, and ensure your students and teachers receive world class credentialing to propel them forward in their careers.
  5. Full onboarding and support. The iTTi/Your Agora partnership transcends technology, and we’ll hold a workshop to fully prepare your teachers and students for a premium digital learning experience.

In turbulent times, the iTTi/Your Agora partnership will help affiliates grow and scale their institutions by leveraging the latest technology and offering premium customer support.

To ensure the most efficient transition to online learning, Your Agora offers full on-boarding, setup and integration solutions exclusively for affiliates.


120 Hour Certification course

iTTi 120-Hour TEFL-TESOL Certification is now being offered in partnership with cutting edge, mobile-friendly LMS technology coupled with premium integrations. With an evolving global landscape, iTTi’s certification will be available to learners worldwide, and graduates will have exclusive career opportunities unavailable to most newly minted teachers.