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Conquer the Chaos: How to Develop Effective Classroom Management

True or false: Effective classroom management makes only a marginal difference in teacher retention and student outcomes.
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Education Trends: Teaching English Language Learners Through Technology

We are living in an era of never-before-seen learning and instruction systems. The impact of modern technology on the education industry is rapidly growing. The results are impeccable — we are making instruction smarter, more accessible and efficient by using state-of-the-art tools.
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The Scientific Method to a Successful School

You're thinking of starting an ESL school, or already operate one, but would like to see it be more successful. But what makes a successful language school? How can your school join the ranks of the best? The answers may be found through the scientific method — observing, asking questions, forming an approach, acting, and analyzing your findings. Then, you evaluate the process and its conclusion and start again! Through this trial and error method, you will find the method that works for your school, make money, and, most importantly, bring your students to success.
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