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How to Start an Online English Teaching Business in 5 Steps

By MK Argo
Wondering how to start your own online English teaching business? As with any brick and mortar company, online business planning can be incredibly challenging and time consuming. In particular, the online ESL market is growing daily, and it can be hard to keep track of the latest trends and programs in the ESL business world. These reasons, and many more, make creating an online ESL teaching business daunting. To help you navigate the challenging world of business, here are five easy steps you can take to create your dream teaching company.
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ESL Recruitment: Tips for Attracting the Best Teachers

How much can it cost you to hire the wrong ESL teacher? Quite a lot, actually. When a candidate proves to be a less-than-ideal fit, you can plan to spend six to nine months of the ESL teacher’s salary to find and onboard a replacement, Gallup reported. To put that into context, a teacher who’s hired at $45,000 annually may require up to $33,750 to replace.
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