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5 Common Classroom Challenges You Should Never Ignore

The greatest threats to your ESL school's viability may be harder to spot than you think. That's because they're hiding in plain sight. Swelling class sizes, unmet student needs, disengaged management and out-of-pocket teacher spending are signs that your school could be in trouble. Like rainwater on rock, they gradually erode your foundations.
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Tips For Teaching English Language Learners: What Principals Can Do to Create a Supportive Environment

Rising immigration trends are creating an influx of students learning English as a second language in US schools. However, statistics show that students in ESL programs often underperform when compared to their peers. This shows a problem in the education system that needs to be immediately addressed. In two decades, ESL students are projected to comprise more than one‐third of the student population in US public schools. Thus, the importance of improving their education will not diminish any time soon.
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How To: Solve 5 Common Problems Faced By Teachers in Teaching English Language in ESL Classrooms

By MK Argo
Working in the English as a Second Language field is a wonderfully challenging and complex endeavor. If administrators and teachers work together to solve the common problems of these programs then many of the issues become less formidable. Here are five common problems faced by ESL teachers and administrators and their solutions.
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5 Ways to Retain ESL Teachers In Your School

For any ESL school, recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers is high on the priority list. What would be of ESL programs without amazing instructors? Unfortunately, as the job of the modern teacher is becoming more demanding, and the salaries are not keeping up with the workload, teacher retention rate is becoming low across many disciplines. The statistics are concerning - almost 16% of teachers leave the field each year External link , with 40%-50% of new teachers abandoning the profession within the first five years.
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