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How To: Solve 5 Common Problems Faced By Teachers in Teaching English Language in ESL Classrooms

By MK Argo
Working in the English as a Second Language field is a wonderfully challenging and complex endeavor. If administrators and teachers work together to solve the common problems of these programs then many of the issues become less formidable. Here are five common problems faced by ESL teachers and administrators and their solutions.
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Essay Writing Tips: How to Write a Good Essay

By Ben Weinberg, Founder of English from A to Z In order to become an excellent English writer, it's very important to have the structure in place if you want to write a good essay. Read this post to learn the beginning steps of a proper approach, and where to continue your studies, once you're ready.
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How to Teach Effective Communication Between Teachers and Students in a Business English ESL Classroom

Many ESL students feel intimidated in using their learned language skills in a work setting. As ESL teachers, we discern and dissect the obstacles in the way of our students' accomplishments. We all hope to pave a path to a brighter future for English learners. In YourAgora’s series of "ESL in The Workplace," we contribute to that effort by focusing on the specifics - we help teachers tackle features of the professional world that may challenge both our students and ourselves. We also teach skills to help promote effective communication between teachers and students in the business English ESL classroom.
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How To Network With Online ESL Teachers On Social Media

Networking is no longer just a good idea. For a modern job-seeker, networking is an essential long-term investment. For an online ESL teacher, making business connections can make the difference between unemployment, and being able to collaborate with experts on content while building an audience of eager students.
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